Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Gossip Girl's Nautical Necessities

Ah Blair Waldorf. A famous fashion designer mother, a hefty trust fund and obvious genetic gifts. How could she not look gorgeous??
It's so easy it must almost take the fun out of it.

But never fear because you have me and I have used the infinite powers of cyber space to bring you an outfit that is just as show-stopping, is completely vintage and costs less than US$100 (not including postage) for the dress and accessories!!

Lil Sailor Girl Dress by Etsy's Schmoo 1515 - $US36

Vintage Straw Hat with Navy Gosgrain Ribbon by Etsy's Dear Golden Vintage US$32

Vintage White Leather Gloves by Etsy's Revival House US$9

Red Hat Bag by Etsy's Jessica Dawn Warren US$14


  1. hello rejenerate,
    love your new blog, how fab!...i too am a huge fan of buying fashionable vintage clothing at
    a) a reduced cost (no one has any money anyway!)
    b) to look extra fabulous in vintage wares and
    c) because its all part of using our renewable resources which is the most important bit!

    red hat bag is my fav...i may have to jump onto etsy to buy this little red number..

  2. Thanks Lox x

    Yep, that hat bag is a definite score!

  3. Sweet blog!!!!
    I can't believe how well you did to find those items!!

    I am definitely "staying tuned".

  4. Aw thanks :)

    I am generally hunting down awesome eco fashion online anyway, so I may as well share!!


  5. Thank you for including my hat bag :)