Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sustainable Star Style

This blog is all about easing a little guilt.

There's guilt associated with everything these days.

Shouldn't have had that chocolate cake.
Shouldn't have stayed in my warm, comfy bed instead of pounding the pavement.
Shouldn't have spent money on frivolous lingerie.
Shouldn't have left work at 5pm.
Shouldn't have opened the door wearing devil's horns when those biblical types came calling.
No? Just me?

Lately I've mostly been feeling guilty about my fashion addiction. Those of you who have read my other blog, ReJenerating Fashion will know that I have an eco fashion accessories label. Basically I take old unloved stuff, cut it up and make it into pretty new things, like handbags.

So needless to say, I'm a fan of recycling.

I'm also a fan of reducing waste and one of my most wasteful habits is fashion.

I ADORE fashion. I think it's such an amazing form of self expression. But I don't like to disrespect Mother Nature in the process. She could easily kick my arse so I'm keen to keep her on side.

So I dreamt up this blog, kind of as an antidote to the throw-away culture the fashion industry promotes these days.

Ok so I'm not quite ready to fill my wardrobe up with shapeless hemp outfits.
And I'm not ready to stop taking inpiration from impossibly gorgeous movie stars, models and 'it' girls. Baby steps yeah?

So in this space, I will pick an rocking celebrity look and make it sustainable.

I will use the outfit as an inspiration and then trawl the interweb for more sustainable pieces to create a similar look.

This might mean vintage, pre-loved, handmade, organic etc etc.

I will then link out to these pieces so you can nab them for yourself.

So if you love fashion but want to keep it a little more eco-friendly, you better keep a close eye on this blog as many of the pieces featured will be one-offs or in limited supply and you will NOT want to miss out.

Also stay tuned for other fun features like events, give-aways and competitions as the blog builds momentum.

Be sure to tell all your friends and help make fashion sustainable. And in the process, relieve a little guilt!

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